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3M-Authorized-DealerWhen Ferran refers to the SCIENCE of your home, we are referring to all of the measurable components of your family’s comfort and efficiency needs! Nearing the top of the list, Window Film! We’re a 3M Authorized Premier Dealer. Certain window films may qualify you for OUC or Duke energy rebates.

It’s a given, we live in Florida because we love the sunshine!

Did you know?

We offer a lifetime warranty on residential window films. Call 407-789-0551 for more details!

Efficiency: Hand in hand with the Florida Sun comes the scalding heat and excessive humidity that makes the conditioning of air inside our homes pivotal to the quality of our lives! Whether you are considering replacing or upgrading your AC system or just trying to cut that power bill, understanding that investing in window film reduces the load required to properly cool your home is crucial! That’s right, for a fraction of the cost of a larger unit, window film will allow that properly sized smaller unit to work more efficiently! It makes sense, less heat in your home leads to less workload on your unit and ultimately lower power bills!

Comfort: No matter how much you love Florida’s sunshine, being overly warm in your own house or fighting morning or afternoon glare on your computer, television or laptop, can be annoying! With an entire line of window film products offering varying degrees of protection, we can tailor solutions on a room-by-room basis depending on your unique comfort, privacy and efficiency needs. In fact, our Designer Films can even offer a decorator’s flare while providing privacy or protection for that odd shaped bedroom or exposed bathroom windows!

Protection: The need to protect your family from harmful rays while enjoying sunshine is a no brainer when pulling up to the beach or park; you wouldn’t consider sending loved ones out for a day in the sun without protection on their skin. The same logic applies inside your home! Think of the wood, leather or fabric of your furniture as its skin. Untreated windows let in harmful SPF rays that effect your family’s health and, when combined with heat and glare, damage your expensive window treatments, wood furniture, priceless portraits and even that favorite leather sofa or ottoman!

Security: The Protection of your home and family from intruders and mother nature is something we know you take seriously. Installing Window Film can play an important role. 3M’s Prestige film uses micro-layered technology that provides the ultimate in tear resistance. In fact, when paired with a special thicker adhesive or Impact Protection Attachment Systems, Window Film can afford your family the highest level of protection from impact or blast. Window Film, an important piece of your Home’s Comfort and Efficiency puzzle!

According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual, an average of fifty percent of a home’s utility bills are wasted by heat loss and heat gain through untreated windows.  At Ferran Window Film, we let you open up the blinds and let the sun in, without suffering the consequences.   With a thin, virtually invisible addition to existing windows, you’ll enjoy a safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient home.  Installation of window film is quick, simple, and cost-effective.  Invest in sun control and privacy, without sacrificing style.

Reduce unnecessary heating and cooling cost by using residential & commercial window film in Orlando!

Ferran Window Film specializes in innovative and proven solutions to economical home comfort.  Recognizing the strain of volatile energy costs, we offer our customers a means of boosting HVAC efficiency without major renovation, inconvenience, or expense.  We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.  When you call Ferran Window Film, you always speak to a live and knowledgeable representative of our staff, and we are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our certified technicians do not work on commission and never push you toward products you don’t need.

A few of the numerous benefits include:

  • Reduce glare by up to 87%
  • Eliminate hot spots in the home
  • By lowering workload of HVAC systems, reduce system wear & tear and energy use
  • Protect against solar heat
  • Eliminate danger of glass shards, should an impact occur
  • Maintain curb appeal while ensuring superior privacy
  • Protect against fading and irreparable damage to fabrics, furnishings, artwork, and photographs
  • Safeguard against harmful UVA rays that penetrate glass year round, causing both aging and skin cancer
  • Save money on heating and cooling costs
  • Watch television and work on your computer without the problem of glare
  • Improve window efficiency at one-tenth of the cost of replacement windows

At Ferran Window Film, we offer window films to help you get more control of your HVAC systems and home safety!

Windows films are one of the simplest and often overlooked assists in home efficiency, comfort, and protection. Call 407-789-0551 today to learn more!

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3M Authorized Premier Window Film Dealer

Ferran Window Film, where providing comfort and protection are all in a day’s work!

At Ferran Window Film, we are proud to provide the highest quality window film products at competitive prices through our partnership with 3M. You can count on our team to identify durable solutions that will meet your needs, today and tomorrow. You can count on us for all of your window film installation, maintenance, and repairs.

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